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Original Pilot


Original Pilot Sunglass®

An accessory steeped in history, tried and tested numerous times under extreme applications, in a timeless design, handmade.

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Functionality and quality have created a model of glasses that is still unparalleled today. A frame made of high-quality metal alloy and elaborately soldered connections ensure the necessary robustness and at the same time low weight. The coating guarantees a permanently attractive finish.

The self-locking double screw connection ensures a secure connection of the components. The wearing comfort was also considered. Soft, interchangeable nose pads and the ingenious shape of the frame ensure stability even in extreme applications.

Whether at lofty heights or on the ground, the chemically hardened glasses ensure adequate protection. The pilots of the U.S. Air Force today.


The design of the AO Eyewear General was developed in collaboration with the US Air Force at the end of the 1920s.

After the pilots began to complain of headaches due to the strong exposure to light, the large teardrop-shaped glasses provided excellent protection against aggressive sun rays.

The functional optics made the glasses internationally popular and manifested the characteristic aviator glasses design that later reached the civilian market.

The Classic


An unforgettable design, outstanding quality and authenticity. Like 70 years ago, this model is also handcrafted in the USA.

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70 years ago, the engineers at AO Eyewear, formerly American Optical, knew how to impress with quality and functionality. This is also reflected in the General model. Timeless design, formed from a filigree metal frame, ensures exceptional lightness. The accuracy of fit is also very important. As with the Pilot model, elaborately soldered connections still stand for a product that survives its time unscathed.

The broad glasses of the General not only ensure a striking appearance. When it comes to sun protection, this design is unsurpassed and has fans all over the world. Chemically hardened and distortion-free, these glasses ensure a glasses model that has lost none of its topicality.

Original Pilot

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