The Saratoga

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The original reissued

Glass variants

True color gray

Tint: gray
The all-rounder among the glass variations and the standard color of pilots worldwide. With the gray tint you are guaranteed the most lifelike color rendering, while at the same time effectively reducing intense sunlight. The classic for bright sunny days.

True color green

Tint: gray-green
The glass with a light shade of green became a box office hit. Thanks to its gray-green tint, it filters the incident light according to the color perception curve of the human eye. As a result, the contrast range remains very high and the color change is minimal. This color variant is therefore unrestrictedly suitable for flying and driving. These glasses are also perfect for bright sunny days..


Tint: brown
The glasses with the amber tint are the best choice for bright, but diffuse lighting conditions. The tinting filters the blue components of the light and thus enhances the contrast vision and depth perception on bright but cloudy days. Also ideal for driving.

choice of size

There are two quick and relatively accurate ways to determine the size. One is to determine the distance between the temporal region. Alternatively, you can also measure your previous glasses. Please note, however, that the aviator glasses can be a little larger.

If you are still unsure, this is not a problem. We offer you a 30-day right of withdrawal on every item. You are welcome to use this service and order other sizes to try on.

Distance of the temporal region

Measure the distance between the temples with a straight ruler, for example in front of a mirror. Alternatively, a helper can aim for the correct position with a pen.

Distance up to 127 mm: size 52

Distance from 128 mm to 140 mm: size 55

Distance from 141 mm to 152 mm: size 57


Measure the distance between the temples of glasses you already own. Below you will find the American Optical Original Pilot bracket spacing. The lengthA. indicates the distance between the stirrups.

Size 52: A = 126 mm

Size 55: A = 132 mm

Size 57: A = 134 mm

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